It's STILL cold!

It's STILL cold!
Me infront of A library, har har!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Thing #15-Librarian 2.0

Come to us, please!!!??!?!?!?! I ,myself, wonder if so much technology will dominate and influence our patrons to the point to where no one needs our help. Many people like to say that nothing can compete with Mama’s homemade______, but because they live by their mother, they settle for store-bought instead. I hope that the “need of the library”-culture could be preserved and maintained. I’ve already heard talk of teachers being replaced by online learning. Could librarians every truly be replaced?

The Librarian 2.0 is kind of like the teacher who works hard to create a learner-centered environment. The librarian works hard to have the needs and desires of their diverse patrons met. Clarification and facilitation are to be the two key goals that drive the librarian into action! By addressing the needs of all of their students, the librarian must be sure that equity for all learners could be achieved.

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