It's STILL cold!

It's STILL cold!
Me infront of A library, har har!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Thing #11 Something kind of like shelfari

Where that Library Thing?  This programs makes me think of what you could get if you cross shelfari with the barnes and nobles or amazon website!  I love it becauset it's visually appealing and can be very helpful.  I practiced by putting in some of my cookbooks.  This program automatically put me in a group with everyone else who owns or has interest in the same group as my book.  It also has available reviews from its readers, and it can also immediately link you to Amazon and other sites so that you could purchase your item online.  Another cool thing that I really liked is the fact that if you activiate the local book search, Library Thing will automatically search the nearest stores for the desired book and even shows how many copies that the store has. 

Since I put in my cookbooks, I was immediately placed in groups that owned or wanted the same copy of book that I had or I was put into groups where people love to cook.  I could also choose groups to join.  This is some sort of book-socializing website.  This website could be easily used amongst students in a classroom, school, or grade level, or could even be used by faculty and/or staff; it's like an online book club.  This could also sereve as a search engine just for books.

This is what one of my pages looks like; so far I've added 12 books!:

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