It's STILL cold!

It's STILL cold!
Me infront of A library, har har!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

At last....Thing #23!!!!!!!!!

My favorite discoveries were Google Docs, Diigo, and the websites that were made to alter photos. Not only could I see myself using these tools, but I could also see myself using them in the classroom and I could see my students using them at home, and everything is free!

I have not been to college in years and being able to complete this program showed me that even though learning can be challenging at times, it could still be fun, attainable, and empowering. I definitely have a sense of accomplishment and feel that I did not have to be afraid of the new technology that I was about to encounter, it would just be a matter of time before I could completely figure things out and use everything with ease.

I learned about blogs and wikis, things I always knew of but never tried to figure out. I can blog! I can now have my own something online! I will soon be able to post all kinds of things! Each new skill/tool has triggered and rush of ideas to my head!

I’ve never experienced a program or concept such as this. Self-driven learning was induced and with each accomplishment and intrinsic reward was released. I cannot think of anything else that needed to occur. Now that I really now how a program like this operates, I could safely say that I would definitely participate in another discovery program like this one if the opportunity presents itself.

My learning experience in one word? CHIC