It's STILL cold!

It's STILL cold!
Me infront of A library, har har!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Thing #14-Technorati

A few weeks ago, before I even got to this post, I stumbled across Technorati; I was trying to find out Toshiba satellite laptop tricks.

I learned a little about my laptop from someone else’s review. Unfortunately, when I performed the keyword search for “school library learning 2.0”, in spite of trying the posts, tags, and directory, I did not find anything. When I looked up kettlebell, 34 blogs came up and no tags or posts popped up.

When I looked for popular blogs, I only found video blogs and tag words. I thought that more detailed information would have popped up, but it didn’t.

We use sticky notes to pinpoint important information. To me, any kind of tag is just fine, because it helps to lessen the amount of searches and time it takes to find information. It could also help someone to mentally and virtually organize information better. It could also help student understand how subtopics, topics, and categories are and how they could be organized. I could definitely see students using these types of websites to help them pinpoint or narrow down their research topics as they relate to teir projects/expereiments.

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