It's STILL cold!

It's STILL cold!
Me infront of A library, har har!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Thing #12-Comments

Interact with comments: I think that this is very important because a blog is like an online, electronic, delayed conversation. Also, commenting back can assure the initial commentator that you felt that what they had to say was important, too.

Ask questions: What better way to provoke thinking and conversation? By asking question, you are pretty much telling or asking someone to share their thoughts.

This time around, when commenting on the blogs of others, I was more conscientious of what I was saying.

Whole Story is the blog to the Whole Foods Market. Not only is it may favorite place to shop because each location is cozy, fresh, and beautiful, but they also offer more natural, organic foods. I’m trying to get my family, especially our toddler, as healthy as possible. I commented on “OMG, Let’s Stop Eating GMOs”. More and more people are turning up with health issues and our children are physically developing more rapidly because of the growth enhancement agents (steroids and manmade fertilizers) that are used to produce our food.

KHOU-Weather is the weather blog from the Channel 11 News. I usually tune in to that station because trust their information. On “Houston weather forecast: Get ready for a soggy week!“ I commented about our weather for this week. What crazy weather!


  1. working with your blog's colors is fun, but I just noticed that it is hard to tell if you have made words hot links becasue they are basically the same color as regular text so unless I accidently mouse over something I don't know it is a link!
    You might want to make them a little different from your text...and the difference may ve stronger on some screens

  2. Oh,okay....uh-oh.... I did that everywhere!